Thora and Fauna Podcast Intro: Arctic and Northern Studies, Norse Mythology, Icelandic Sagas

A quick intro to what will come of the Thora and Fauna podcast, I give a brief overview of where I will start and some of the topics I will cover. I will start Episode 1 with Icelandic sagas and Norse Mythology. *Edit: Obviously I decided on Soundcloud for my platform, I recorded this before choosing where to upload!

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Thoughts on moving forward

Officially beginning my journey of writing and photographing the Baltic, Balkan and circumpolar regions of the world where I will focus on their native cultures, environmental issues, folk history, art, etc. No more jobs that make me want to die. If anything I’d rather continue thriving in survival mode among beautiful places where I meet the people of the world. Welcome to my blog, where I will try to document my journey.