University of Reykjavík


Enjoying a latte during my last few hours in Reykjavík before flying into Toronto to return home and start to plan which programs I’ll be applying to at the University of Reykjavík. I know I want to obtain my Masters degree but I have awhile before I will be ready for that, so I am thinking of studying Icelandic in the meantime. The program doesn’t begin until the fall and I would like to be there sooner but we will see where more research leads me!

Coffee and Expat Files for Breakfast

It’s another one of those mornings (and by that I mean 1:30pm) where I have been working on a giant mug of coffee for three hours while sifting through residence permit options, self-employment regulations, programs which I’m eligible for at the university, etc. The pieces are coming together slowly but surely. I knew this was what I wanted 12 years ago, it’s time to set the distractions aside and make this work.

#movingtoIceland #expatlife